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Nukkuri (ヌックリ) is an online manga store that can deliver your favorite manga at your doorsteps. We ship nationwide from Batanes to Sulu. We are FAST and FUN. We entertain your needs. We reply immediately (no worries, you’d be chatting with a human not a robot) and most of all we RESTOCK FAST.

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    For now, we can accept payments through online banking via Instapay and GCASH.

    ​NUKKURI also accepts COD (Cash on Delivery) payments for customers outside Metro Manila thru J&T and thru LALAMOVE for those living within the Metro.


    Our warehouse is based in Metro Manila.

    ​For shipping within Metro Manila, manga and books will be ship within 24 hours through LALAMOVE.

    ​For shipments outside Metro Manila, Nukkuri ships through J&T.

    ​NUKKURI ships thru J&T for customers opting for COD payments.

    ​​The shipping fee is shouldered by the customer.


    Please be advised that we have a "no return" policy.

    Facts about Nukkuri

    NUKKURI orders directly from US publishers. It means that we get our copies of newly published manga or light novels at least a week before official release date. It also means that in case of reprints, we get our copies before the others. We release newly published manga and light novels on release dates because we are contractually bound so, with few exceptions.

    What does Nukkuri mean?

    When we say “PRE-ORDER”, it means that the title and volume you’re looking for is not currently ON-HAND but available to the publisher. Pre-order typically means that the title you’re asking for is not included in our title collection but we can order it for you. Before we can proceed with your order, we need 50% down payment. For pre-orders, it takes a WEEK for your pre-ordered
    manga or light novel to arrive in PH. Please note that even if what you pre-ordered is already ON-HAND with us, if it’s before its release date, NUKKURI can’t release it to you.

    When we say “Out of Print” or “Currently Out of Print,” it means that the title and volume you’re looking for is not currently ON-HAND and also not available to the publisher. Waiting for reprints takes one to three months or sometimes longer. It depends on the demand and the publisher. Some “out of print” manga and light novels have ETAs (estimated time of arrival), some others don’t have them, while a few titles are not in slate for reprinting.

    When we say “Indefinitely Out of Print,” it means bad news since you’d have to wait longer than usual for reprints.

    Additional note, we rarely do “BACKORDERS.” We typically use the term backorder when we order “Out of Print,” “Currently Out of Print,” and “Indefinitely Out of Print” titles.

    If we ask you to pay for 50% DP, that means that the book you’re asking for is for “PRE-ORDER” and not “BACKORDER.” We don’t ask DP for BACKORDERS because we don’t like holding on to your money when we aren’t sure when will your book arrive.

    Nukkuri’s reservation process

    NUKKURI accepts reservation for out of print, out of stock and not yet published titles on a first come, first serve basis.

    Reserving a book with us just requires you submitting a form. No need to pay DP as long as we carry the title you are reserving. You can just pay us once we have it on hand. We’ll send you a message once we have them ON-HAND.

    If you wanna cancel your reservation, just send us a message. No repercussions. Really, really. We’d be chill about it. However, this is only true though for titles we carry. Please note that NUKKURI rarely accepts cancellations for pre-ordered manga or light novels.

    If you are in doubt whether you’d have to pay a DP or not, just submit the reservation form. We’ll just send you a message if you need to pay a DP.

    We’ll send a notification once we have your manga or light novel on hand and then keep it for 3 days. If we receive no reply within the three-day period, we’ll consider your reservation forfeited and just give your to the next one.


    Fuu-chan’s Side Hustle

    Some stuff needs to be discussed regarding the JP side of NUKKURI’s operation:

    First, take note of the difference in culture. Japan loves their 期間限定 “kikan gentei” stuff. If they say it’s “kikan gentei” (meaning limited either by time or copies to be printed), they really mean it!

    Second, the freebies! When you buy from Animate, Comi-comi and the other anime/manga specialty stores during the first printing of let’s say a manga, you’d get a freebie. Some of these freebies include exclusive booklets, illustrations, leaflets, postcards, CDs, and many more! This is especially true for BL stuff. Please note also that different stores, different freebies. It means that Animate will have a different freebie while Comi-comi will have its own; and so there are times when fans do buy 2 or 3 copies of the same product just for the freebies (yup, guilty
    as charged).

    Fuu-chan’s Side Hustle: The Process

    Our prices are most of the time exclusive of the shipping fee from JP to PH NUKKURI. We require full payment before we proceed with your order. English and JP reservation processes are mostly the same except with the shipping since stuff from JP can be sent to PH by either of the 2 options:

    By air thru EMS directly to your address for an extra shipping fee which will take a week or two (minimum fee is PHP950)

    By sea to PH Nukkuri warehouse which will take 3-5 months for minimal fees (can be as low as PHP100)

    To pre-order manga, light novels, artbooks, BLCDs, DVDs, BDs, anime/manga related merch and magazines and other stuff from JP, just send us a message.  

    Contact us if you have more questions.