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The Male Lead Is Mine (Novel)

The Male Lead Is Mine (Novel)

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Contributor(s): Tjoe, Dhira (Translator) , Kkamang, Kkamang (Author)


The story tells the life of a modern-day woman who reincarnates in a fantasy novel as Aris Horissen, the novel's supporting character destined to suffer. She wasn't sure what had happened. She was just reading a book that suddenly piqued her interest. Before closing it, she ended up pitying Aris, the daughter of the marquis who refused to marry the male lead and ran away from home; Aris met a wicked man in the streets and suffered severe physical and emotional distress, leading to her bitter ending. The modern-day woman felt sympathy for Aris as she fell asleep thinking about how Aris could have avoided her bitter ending if she hadn't been stubborn to the very end.

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