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Otherside Picnic: Omnibus (Light Novel)

Otherside Picnic: Omnibus (Light Novel)

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Otherside Picnic: Omnibus (Light Novel)

Contributor(s): Miyazawa, Iori (Author) , Shirakaba (Illustrator) , McCann, Sean (Translator)


Sorawo Kamikoshi's first encounter with Toriko Nishina was on the Otherside, after seeing something otherwordly and nearly dying. Ever since that day, Sorawo's life as an exhausted university student changed forever. In the Otherside, a place where internet urban legends become real, dangerous beings like the Kunekune and Hasshaku-sama appear--despite only being spoken of in ghost stories on the internet. Toriko and Sorawo set foot into this abnormal world for research, for profit--and to find a missing person that is near and dear to someone's heart. A tale of two girls' bizarre exploration and survival, brought to you by an up-and-coming Sci-fi author!


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