Sticky Expo

Sticky Expo

Greetings from Nukkuri-kun! 🥰


Great news once again dear Nukkis! If you see the picture, that's right!


Nukkuri shop will once again be joining another con! This time it’s the STICKY EXPO held in the SMX Convention Center Manila Pasay City on September 18! (That’s right! This is the con held at the same time as the Book Fair! Two-events-in-one!!!)


Nukkis who are interested, want to and can go, please do visit us! 🥰


Experience that great live feeling of a book or merch with all your senses! Plus, don’t miss out on con-exclusive promos!!! Not to mention a reading corner for those who want to read for a bit!!!! 😍



Thank you very much for visiting our booth! It is much appreciated! 🥰


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